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Six Truths of Olympic Weight Lifting – Greg Everett

SIX TRUTHS OF OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING TECHNIQUE GREG EVERETT  – Original post can be found here. Photo Cred: CrossFit Wichita, Featuring Coach Clay & Ted When it comes to weightlifting technique, there are disagreements. Some are legitimate, some are questionable, and a few are downright silly. But when you sift through it all, there are a […]

8 Things That USED to Scare Me About CrossFit: A Female Perspective

Once I became curious about the weird, fitness sport they call “CrossFit” it took me about a year and a half to finally take the dive. Why did I wait so long? Well, quite a few reasons, but it all boils down to one main theme: Fear. Here’s the things that kept me from one […]