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JENNY HELMS, Coach & Therapist at Soma Recovery

(316) 425 -7774

You can check her out online here.

Members receive sliding scale fees & initial consultation is free.

Jenny is one of our community partners who specializes in helping clients lose weight and gain confidence by ending the struggle with unhealthy eating habits. With 6+ years in the mental health & nurtition field, Jenny’s clients become well equipped to maintain a healthy lifestyle without all the diet gimmicks. Jenny offers discounted rates for CrossFit Wichita & Boot Camp members who are looking to eat healthier — for good!




(316) 347-5900

Bollenbach Chiropractic uses traditional Chiropractic with the addition of various muscle therapies to treat the SOURCE of your pain, not just symptoms. Dr. Chris works with many of our athletes and is also one of the few Chiropractors in Wichita that can perform cupping and dry needling on their clients. Dr. Chris offers a free initial consult to CrossFit Wichita members and offers insurance options to make his services more affordable than other Chiropractors in Wichita.





Tim King is a member at our gym who offers his services to the greater Wichita community.

Call (888) 263-8798 for a free consultation. You can find more info on his website at

Attorney Timothy J. King has been practicing law for over 25 years. He began his law career at Stinson, Lasswell and Wilson, a long established and respected Wichita firm, in 1986 then went on to establish his own firm, Law Firm of Speth & King with partner Steven L. Speth in 1994.

After starting his legal career representing people who were injured in the workplace and those injured in auto accidents, gas explosions and motorcycle accidents, he now focuses on personal injury cases.

Attorney King is concerned with each client’s individual needs and concerns, doing his best for every client with confidence and skill. He is an expert negotiator and courtroom advocate with a thorough understanding of both the rules of procedure and the substantive law bearing upon the issues to be decided. As an experienced trial lawyer, Attorney King is comfortable and professional before both judge and jury.