Coach Ahri

Coach Ahri (Ahrielle Soria), a CF Level-2 Coach, is our Head Coach at CrossFit Wichita. She leads with creativity and compassion, while remaining encouraging and challenging in her approach.

Coach Ahri found CrossFit on her first deployment with the Army Reserves in 2012; prior to this, she had very little athletic background. The daily challenge and comradery that CrossFit offered grew to be a daily necessity while on deployment. Upon returning home in 2014, Ahri decided to obtain her CF Level-1 Certification.
Ahri has coached ages 5+ and loves to bring fun and games to her adult classes.
She enjoys pushing herself as well as fellow athletes and thrives on healthy competition.

“I love when people tell me they aren’t in good enough shape for CrossFit..” Ahri will always tell them that she could not perform one single pull-up with the thickest band the box had to offer and that progress takes time and dedication. Everyone starts somewhere, and if not today, when?

CF Level-2

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