Jeff & Dawn

Jeff and Dawn Kniep (Ka-neep) have valued exercise and sound nutrition in their relationship, and for their family since they first met 20 years ago. Their early dates often included evenings at the gym with their kids and cooking dinner together. They have a blended family that includes 4 adult children, 3 grandchildren, and 1 English Bulldog named Clark. As “empty nesters”, they had often speculated and pondered aloud their dream of owning a wellness/fitness business together; when it came to their attention that the gym Jeff had been a member of for 11 years and had grown to love was to be available for purchase, they decided to fast-track that dream.

Jeff grew up in Wichita, Kansas, graduating from Heights High in 1985 and immediately enlisting in the US NAVY. After his commitment to the military was fulfilled, Jeff obtained employment in the aircraft industry and has worked in the field in various capacities for over 30 years. Jeff has had an interest in fitness and sports for most of his life, engaging in the “typical” fitness regimens and eventually becoming bored with the routine. It wasn’t until he started his journey in functional fitness at CFW that he found what he loved and obtained his CF Level 1 when the opportunity fortuitously presented itself.

Dawn grew up in California and spent all of her teen years traveling between California and Hawaii, graduating from high school in 1985 and becoming a Cosmetologist shortly after. She relocated to Wichita, Kansas following her family’s move and has been here ever since. Dawn made a decision to change fields in her thirties and after many years of school while balancing work, marriage, and family, she entered the mental health field as a psychotherapist. Though she had always valued exercise and nutrition, it was in her work as a therapist she more fully understood the deep impact of intentional exercise, sleep, and sound nutrition on mental health and total wellness. In addition to being a Licensed Clinical Marriage & Family Therapist, Dawn is a Certified Health Coach working on certification in Sports Nutrition and Integrative Nutrition in Mental Health. Dawn’s hope is to help instill in others the understanding and compassion that there is “no wrong way to have a body (see here)” and discovering the power of finding their “why.”